How can our frameworks help you meet your current challenges?

  • 13/04/2022
  • Written by NOE CPC

We know that many healthcare settings continue to face added pressures caused by the pandemic and we have a range of easy-to-access frameworks that could help.

With the spread of the new sub-variant of Omicron, it is still vitally important to maintain a clean and secure workplace environment that minimises the risk of transmission.

To ease these pressures, many workplaces continue to have large numbers of staff working from home and we have frameworks that can help you equip your workforce with all the IT they need.

There are still huge pressures in clinical settings and we have frameworks that can help with this too - whether that’s making sure patients are discharged quickly and safely or finding the right supplier to create temporary facilities.

Here are six frameworks you can use to help ease current pressures in your workplace:

1. Soft Facilities Management Services (Soft FM) for Healthcare Organisations

This framework offers a range of cleaning services to keep your workplace environment safe and secure. These services include general cleaning, cleaning of drains and windows, and specialist deep cleaning services.

The contract is free to access and provides a route to a wide range of suppliers with knowledge and experience of working in healthcare settings.

2. Estates, Maintenance and Engineering Services (Hard FM)

Having a ventilated workplace is important, not just to help prevent the spread of Covid, but also to help keep a comfortable and safe working environment. Our Hard FM framework offers a range of suppliers who can fit and maintain air conditioning systems and air handling units.

The free to access framework also offers suppliers for a range of essential services such as electrical works, plumbing and heating.

3. Minor Works Trades and Associated Services Dynamic Purchasing System

Many healthcare settings have been required to create temporary facilities to accommodate an increase in patients, or a new clinical need, and we recognise these pressures are continuing. Many other workplaces have needed to create pop-up facilities to allow for social distancing, increased ventilation or an increase in capacity. Our Minor Works framework can help you find a supplier for any building project worth up to £5m.

You can also use our Provider Search to help you find the right company for your project.

4. IT Hardware and Services (LINK3)

If you have staff working remotely or from home it is important to keep them fully-equipped with all the technology they will need. You can use our IT Hardware framework to source end user devices such as laptops, desktops, tablets and printers for your workforce.

The Quick Quote tool will save you time by enabling you to contact suppliers quickly and get prices for your requirements sent to you directly.

5. Pharmacy Clean Room Services

You can easily source garments, mops and a range of consumables including wipes, sprays, needles and syringes for your pharmacy clean room, from a variety of suppliers.

You can either rent or purchase your clean room garments and, by using our agreement, you can help to maintain a safe and secure environment in your workplace.

6. Secondary Care Access and Discharge Support Services

We recognise there have been pressures caused by high numbers of patients using hospitals and healthcare services.

We can help to ensure your patients are not kept within a healthcare setting unnecessarily. Lots 2B and 2C of our Secondary Care Access and Discharge Support Services will help you discharge patients so they can access in-home or community medical and therapy care.

This improves the efficient running of healthcare services by improving the experience of patients and stopping unnecessary delays.

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