Estates Maintenance and Engineering Services (Hard FM)

01/07/2020 - 30/06/2022 (option to extend 2x12 months)

This free to access framework offers contracting authorities the opportunity to procure a wide range of specialist services including asbestos removal, fire risk assessments and water system maintenance. 

Estates Maintenance and Engineering Services (Hard FM) relate to the physical part of the building and cannot be removed. They are the ‘essentials’ and ensure the safety and welfare of employees.
NOE CPC’s framework provides a compliant route to market and gives access to a wide range of specialist services, with suppliers having knowledge and experience of working in the healthcare environment.

This unique framework offers the NHS access to a large number of truly specialist maintenance services providers. There are considerable geographical strengths to this agreement with a large proportion of SME's and locally based suppliers. Please click on the supplier tab to see more.

Appointed suppliers on the framework can support Contracting Authorities to address maintenance backlogs, set Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) programmes to reduce breakdown of equipment, increase operational efficiencies and meet statutory compliance.
The agreement has been packaged together in Lots for the specialist functions within the Hard FM service areas, with suppliers demonstrating their abilities through membership of professional bodies and experience of working in the healthcare environment with Health Technical Memoranda (HTM).

  • Services can be procured in individual Lots split into specialism areas, which allows contracting authorities to appoint the specialists within the industry rather than through a managed service
  • By being able to appoint through individual Lots, the control of managing the service provider remains with the Contracting Authority which allows for better contract management and gives the ability to work more closely to drive innovation and cost management
  • The Technical Specification for each Lot gives details of what the statutory requirements for each of the specialist areas are, which can be used to build the trust’s services specification
  • The framework caters for all needs. Where there is a need for a managed service, the framework offers contracting authorities to bundle Lots 1-14 and any other additional Hard FM provision through the Managed Services lot
  • The framework offers Contracting Authorities the option to add KPI’s to measure and drive performance for the services being delivered
  • The framework has been structured to encourage the use of SME’s and Micro Enterprises, many of them local to the member organisations. Encouraging the participation of SME’s and Micro Enterprises encourages new entrants to the market
  • The framework gives Contracting Authorities the option of both direct award and further competition
  • The participating authority shall also be entitled, at its sole discretion, to select another form of special conditions of contract. Examples include, but are not limited to: JCT, NEC and others
  • Some suppliers offering discounts on 12 month direct awards. 

  • Lot 1 - Airconditioning, air handling units and refrigeration
  • Lot 2 - Asbestos removal
  • Lot 3 - Automatic doors, barriers and roller shutters
  • Lot 4 - Electrical works
  • Lot 5 - Fire alarm, emergency lighting and fire fighting equipment
  • Lot 6 - Fire doors
  • Lot 7 - Fire risk assessments and associated works
  • Lot 8 - Heating and plumbing systems
  • Lot 9 - Lifts, hoists and escalators
  • Lot 10 - Lightning and fall protection systems
  • Lot 11 - Medical gas systems
  • Lot 12 - Security systems
  • Lot 13 - Standby power systems
  • Lot 14 - Water system maintenance and risk management
  • Lot 15 - Managed services


  • A C Electrical (North) Ltd
  • ADT Fire & Security
  • Airco Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Ltd
  • Aircon Refrigeration Ltd
  • Asbestech Ltd
  • Atlas Copco Medical Ltd T/A BeaconMedaes
  • Bellrock Property and Facilities Management Ltd
  • Chubb Fire and Security
  • Clearwater Technology Ltd
  • Click 24
  • Concept Elevators (UK) Ltd
  • Consortia Integrated Services
  • Crowther & Shaw Ltd
  • Derby Cold Stores Ltd
  • E A Foulds Ltd
  • EE Thompson and Son Ltd
  • EEUK Ltd
  • EM1 Ltd
  • ESC Global Ltd
  • Esh Construction Ltd
  • Evolution Technical Services Ltd T/A Evotech
  • Fox Industrial Doors
  • Geze UK Ltd
  • HAC Technical Gas Services Ltd
  • HLA Services
  • HSL Compliance
  • IP24
  • ISS Facility Services Healthcare 
  • Johnson Controls
  • John Wright Electrical & Mechanical Services Ltd
  • J.Tomlinson Ltd
  • Legionella Control International
  • Lift & Engineering Services Ltd
  • Lantern Fire & Security
  • LAR Ltd
  • MacDonald Martin Ltd
  • Machenair Ltd
  • McHale Contracts & Plant Environmental LLP
  • Novus Property Solutions Ltd
  • NPS Barnsley Ltd
  • Openview Security
  • Oracle Vision
  • Osborne Delta (Lightning Conductors) Ltd
  • Pickerings Europe Ltd
  • Pennington Choices
  • Record UK Ltd
  •  Rhodar Ltd
  • Robinsons Facilities Services Ltd
  • Rothwells
  • Sayes Services Ltd
  • SHJ Hospital Pipelines Ltd
  • SMD Electrical Contractors Ltd
  • Stanley Security
  • Total Integrated Solutions Ltd
  • Ventro Group
  • Vigil Security Systems Ltd
  • Woods Building Services Ltd T/A AA Woods

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