Modular / Pre-Fabricated Building Solutions Linked

15/02/2021 - 14/02/2025

This is an NHS Procurement in Partnership (PiP) partner hub framework agreement delivered by NHS Commercial Solutions and available to our member organisations via NOE CPC. This agreement is available to non-NOE CPC member organisations via NHS Commercial Solutions.

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Modular/pre-fabricated buildings are frequently being used by NHS organisations to meet the increasing demand for facilities. They provide a cost-effective solution for establishing buildings rapidly without interrupting services. 

This framework offers a quick and compliant route to market and covers a wide range of modular/pre-fabricated buildings that can be purchased or hired. 

These buildings can be designed, constructed, delivered, installed and maintained according to client's requirements, and are accessible by NHS organisations and the wider public sector. 

A number of buildings can be delivered through the framework including: 

  • small and large surgeries (GP and dental)
  • wards and theatres
  • temporary treatment units
  • morgues
  • residential, MOD, and student accommodation
  • storage space
  • training centres
  • community centres
  • offices
  • police custody
  • fire stations. 

The framework has been divided into three Lots: 

  • Lot 1: Catalogue of products
  • Lot 2: Purchase and Hire of Modular/Pre-fabricated buildings
  • Lot 3: Bespoke

Lot 1 may be awarded via direct award or further competition. It is compulsory to run a further competition for services off Lot 2 and Lot 3. 

  • Darwin Group
  • Extra Space Solutions
  • Imaging Matters Ltd
  • Merit Holdings Ltd
  • ModuleCo
  • ModuleCo Healthcare Ltd
  • MTX Contracts Ltd
  • Premier Modular Ltd
  • Vanguard Healthcare Solutions
  • Western Building Systems Ltd

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