NHS Procurement in Partnership

NHS Procurement in Partnership

We are one quarter of NHS Procurement in Partnership (NHS PiP) a four-hub collaboration between NHS Commercial Solutions, East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub and NHS London Procurement Partnership. This collaboration enables NHS PiP to utilise the collective expertise of each organisation, to facilitate aggregation, avoid unnecessary duplication and influence the procurement landscape to best effect for the NHS.

Previously known as the NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership we have collectively delivered award winning projects such as Total Orthopaedic Solutions and National Clinical Staffing.

Current frameworks delivered by the Partnership include:

Inventory Management Systems – this framework addresses the need to manage the flow of equipment and consumable stocks through an organisation in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Framework agreements available from the four Procurement in Partnership hubs

The four NHS hubs forming the NHS Procurement in Partnership have a wide range of framework agreements many of which are available for use by members (and non-members) of those hubs. Please get in touch with your local PiP procurement hub for further information and to arrange access.

NHS Workforce Alliance

NHS Procurement in Partnership also works alongside Crown Commercial Service (CCS) as the NHS Workforce Alliance to deliver a portfolio of health workforce services for the benefit of customers and suppliers and bringing together the expertise of NHS Procurement in Partnership and CCS as the biggest public procurement partnership in the UK.