Social Value & Sustainability

NOE CPC is committed to supporting the NHS achieving net zero emissions by 2045 through both our frameworks and additional support provided to members and suppliers.

As detailed in the “Delivering a ‘Net Zero’ National Health Service” report, the NHS supply chain emissions account for a forecasted 62% of total system emissions through the provision of goods, works and services from 80,000 suppliers in total.

NOE CPC, and its tendering activity is fully aligned to both the current and future requirements detailed in the Net Zero Supplier Roadmap, with the latest requirements communicated on the NHS England - Greener NHS supplier webpage and through the image shown below.

Our commitment

NOE CPC is committed to promoting sustainability across our frameworks. We have included a sustainability section within our category strategy and a sustainability risk indicator within our market risk classification template, which is completed at the start of any procurement project.

We have also included a sustainability section in our briefing documents to outline the factors considered and addressed within the scope of the procurement exercise.

A Supplier Code of Conduct has been developed to represent the principles that NOE CPC endorses and expects its partners and suppliers to support and follow, and to ensure that their employees, partners, and subcontractors will do the same.

Specifically, NOE CPC supports the following sustainable procurement levers:

Social value – All frameworks released since mid-2021 are social value compliant via both the 10% mandatory weighting as well as supplier commitments.

Carbon reduction plans (CRP) – Since April 2023, all frameworks communicated threshold have CRPs. NOE CPC will proportionately extend this requirement in April 2024, in line with NHS England requirements.

Modern Slavery – NOE CPC is fully committed to tackling the risk of modern slavery through the provision of its frameworks.

Evergreen Sustainable Supplier Assessment – All current NOE CPC suppliers are encouraged to complete the assessment. Completion of the assessment may be mandatory if you provide for NHS Supply Chain.

Our offer

NOE CPC has a wealth of sustainability and social value experience within its organisation, with permanent roles in both the Hub and Category Management Service Provision (CMSP). This ensures that sustainability is a strategic consideration in the design of any framework let or within any bespoke procurement exercise.

This will give you assurance that the three pillars of sustainability – Economic, Environmental and Social impact, have been considered throughout the stages of:

  1. Planning
  2. Specification development
  3. Supplier sourcing
  4. Contract management

NOE CPC is also delighted to offer the following additional SSV services to Members:

  • Sustainable procurement training (including social value, carbon reduction plans, modern slavery and Evergreen)
  • Social value training (including defining, applying and evaluating social value)
  • Social value project support for strategic tendering / regional ICS tendering
  • Social value strategy formulation

Should you be interested in any of the above, please contact either your account manager or our Support Desk.

News and Updates

To find out more about our Sustainability and Social Value initiatives, please visit our News page.

Sustainability and Social Value Webinars

NOE CPC is committed to ensure suppliers are as prepared as possible to meet both current and future NHS sustainability requirements, as detailed in the Net Zero Supplier Roadmap.

We have quarterly supplier-facing SSV webinars run by our dedicated Sustainability and Social Value Manager Alastair Clay. Please keep an eye on our Events Page for details on future SSV events. 

After each session we produce a follow-up Q&A document. If you would like a copy of this document, please contact our Support Desk.


Learning and Upskilling

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