Hard FM, Leicester and Bellrock


University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust has been an NOE CPC member for nine years and we have supported them on several projects under various frameworks within the Estates category.

Recently, we have supported them to procure services under our Internal & External Audit Services and our Supplementary Healthcare Services frameworks, among others.

They approached NOE CPC seeking to add capacity to their engineering team as, like many Trusts, they were facing challenges around maintenance backlogs.

The project

The Trust were looking to add capacity to their existing engineering team so they could complete a water maintenance project. The Trust approached NOE CPC, where Imran Ahmed, our Category Manager for Facilities Management, Property and Business Services, suggested they use the Hard FM framework.

Bellrock Property & Facilities Management were identified as the most suitable supplier and, as well as taking on the water maintenance project, they were able to make recommendations to the Trust on how they could be more efficient, with some of those suggestions complementing the Trust’s existing provision.


Bellrock were approached compliantly through Lot 15, for Managed Services, of the Hard FM framework to undertake further projects across the scope of Lots 1-14.

Bellrock were able to demonstrate the value of using the Managed Services lot in a creative way by not only adding capacity to the Trust’s engineering team, but ultimately transforming the way the Trust approached planned maintenance.

Bellrock has since developed a strong relationship with the Trust, offering the right support through a thorough understanding of their needs and challenges. They now continue to support the Trust with a Contracts Manager, a Compliance Manager, and a Compliance Administrator who work alongside the Trust remotely and onsite.

Bellrock were able to offer the work at a consistent price, despite a volatile market, due to the robust terms and conditions of the Hard FM framework.

Imran Ahmed, Category Manager for Facilities Management, Property and Business Services at NOE CPC, said: “The work has been awarded under the Hard FM framework with NHS terms and conditions which means the framework rates are the ceiling rates.”

Lizzie Barbrook, Head of Contracts, Estates and Facilities at Leicestershire Partnership Trust, said: “Bellrock have come in at the ideal time. They have been quite involved in their thinking and in the way they have tried to offer solutions for us.”


Lizzie Barbrook said: “The support [from NOE CPC] is spot on. Imran is so knowledgeable, always available, and we have used NOE CPC for big tenders.

“NOE CPC is definitely the best framework provider that we have been using.”

Tony Roost, Category Specialist at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, said Imran’s experience meant he was always able to suggest innovative solutions.

“It’s like having an additional department available as a resource,” he said.

John Eghan, Strategic Solutions Manager at Bellrock, said: “Using NOE CPC provided an ideal platform to supply our services, and has ensured we are visible to Trusts requiring a wide range of support.

“The flexibility to deliver specialist Hard FM trades in addition to management, supervisory, and administrative roles has helped us tailor right-fit solutions each time, every time. Ultimately, the framework has provided a swift and reliable means for the Trust to quickly deploy solutions that mitigate risk and maintain safe spaces and environments for staff, patients, and visitors.”

About Bellrock Property & Facilities Management Limited 

Bellrock Property and Facilities Management Ltd (Bellrock) is a technology-enabled business operating in the property and facilities management services sector. Its focus is on delivery of improved compliance, lower cost and increased quality for all sophisticated and complex organisations across the UK. 

Bellrock’s team of more than 1,500 property and facilities professionals are located at 75 sites across the UK working on behalf of its clients with access to more than 2,000 carefully selected supply chain partners. 

Bellrock’s range of property and facilities management services are delivered through their business divisions; Workplace & Compliance, Technical & Real Estate and Maintenance & Engineering, all through our in-house market-leading Concerto software suite. 

For further information please visit www.bellrockgroup.co.uk or email enquiries@bellrockgroup.co.uk.