IT Hardware and Services (LINK3) (NOE.0380)

01/03/2021 - 28/02/2025

NOE CPC Reference: NOE.0380

IT Hardware (LINK3) is a free to access framework for the NHS and wider public sector and covers all end user device requirements you could need including desktop PCs, laptops, tablet devices, printers and specialist healthcare-related IT Hardware such as laptop carts and clinical displays.

This framework has been endorsed by NHS England as a recommended route to market for digital and IT spend across the NHS. You can view the full list here.

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Following on from the success of our previous LINK2: IT Hardware and Services framework, we have undergone an OJEU re-procurement in collaboration with NHS Shared Business Services to deliver a replacement framework, LINK 3: IT Hardware and Services.

Utilising either direct award or a further competition, IT Hardware and Services LINK3 provides trusts and other public sector authorities with a free to access, compliant, cost effective and easy to use framework that covers all end user device requirements including desktop PCs, laptops, tablet devices, printers and specialist healthcare-related IT hardware such as laptop carts and clinical displays; while keeping their IT spend within the NHS.

The services are divided into 6 lots:

Lot 1: Desktop PCs

Lot 2: Laptop/Notebook devices

Lot 3: Mobile Devices (tablets, mobile phones and wearables)

Lot 4: Specialist Healthcare-related IT Hardware

4a – PC/Laptop carts and peripherals

4b – Clinical displays and peripherals

Lot 5: Printers/Scanners

Lot 6: One Stop Shop

  • Endorsed by NHS England as a recommended route to market for NHS buyers. See the full list here.
  • Free and easy-to-access by NHS and public sector organisations
  • Capped pricing is offered on a core basket of devices which meet approved NHS standard specifications across all Lots
  • Maximum margins for devices purchased outside of the core basket
  • Supplier commitment to minimum product life cycles and notification period for planned product demise & introduction of new products
  • Sustainable products with demonstrable environmental benefits can be obtained throughout all available Lots
  • Suitable testing of the market that provides robust value-for-money assessed suppliers, which comply with latest guidance and regulations for the purchase of hardware products and services
  • Enables “spot-buying” as well as longer-term strategic purchases
  • Flexibility to change suppliers and products with no minimum volume or commitment period
  • Keeping your IT spend within the NHS
  • NHS call-off terms and order form template providing a standardised and familiar approach to contracting by the NHS
  • OJEU compliant route to market to access capable suppliers
  • Our benchmarking tool is available to use for this framework. Click here for further guidance
  • Quick quote tool available for quick and efficient quotes from suppliers
  • Personalised NOE CPC procurement support.

Lot 1: Desktop PCs

Desktop computers (including small form factor units, micro units, all-in-one units, and thin/zero client devices) plus peripherals (including but not limited to monitors, keyboards, mice, headsets, webcams, HDMI/VDI cables, power cables) where purchased with a desktop unit.

Lot 2: Laptop/Notebook devices
Laptop computers, notebook devices, ruggedised devices, two-in-one units, thin and lightweight clients plus peripherals (including but not limited to monitors, keyboards, mice, headsets, webcams, HDMI/VDI cables, power cables and docking stations).

Lot 3: Mobile devices (tablets, mobile phones and wearables)
Mobile device products available include tablet PCs, slate devices (wraparound, detachable, phablets), and mobile phones (including smartphones and smart watches), plus peripherals including wearable technology where purchased as an accompaniment to a mobile device.

Lot 4: Specialist Healthcare-related IT Hardware
4a – PC/Laptop carts and peripherals
4b – Clinical displays and peripherals

Products available include (but are not limited to) mobile carts including PCs, medical workstations and built-in devices, infection control products, mobile clinical assistant devices, for use in point of care and mobile environments, plus peripherals, including healthcare-customised mobile, body-worn equipment (such as Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) headsets) for medical diagnosis. It also includes LCD and HD monitors, large format multi-display mode monitors and displays suitable for end user applications including but not limited to PACS, endoscopy and mammography plus peripherals where purchased with a monitor/display to include wall mounts.

Lot 5: Printers/Scanners
Products available include (but are not limited to) office and medical prescription printers, 3D printers, medical grade printers, asset scanners and barcode scanners plus peripherals when purchased together. Peripherals include but are not limited to ink/toner, barcode printer labels, patient wristbands, replacement batteries, and asset and barcode scanning software.

Lot 6: One Stop Shop
A selection of IT hardware and services packaged together including at least 2 of the following categories:
desktop PCs (or peripherals such as monitors), laptop/notebook devices, mobile devices, (including tablets, mobile phones and wearables), specialist healthcare-related IT hardware (including clinical monitors and medical displays), environmentally-friendly sustainable IT hardware, printers/scanners (including asset scanners), and deployment services.

  • Academia
  • Bytes Software
  • CCS Media
  • CDW Ltd
  • Computacenter (UK) Ltd
  • Dell Corporation Ltd
  • Desk Top Publishing Micro Systems Ltd
  • Getech Ltd
  • IDNS
  • Insight Direct
  • Insight Systems
  • MTI Technology
  • Parity Medical
  • Punch Technology
  • Ricoh
  • Softcat
  • Specialist Computer Centres (SCC)
  • Stone Computers
  • XMA.

NEW: You can now use our ICT Supplier Matrix to find out, at a glance, which of our suppliers are on each of our Technology (ICT) frameworks.

Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust used NOE CPC’s IT Hardware (LINK2) for general IT purchases.

“The fileshare area is a really useful tool enabling us to see all the documentation and information we need. ​

“The team are very responsive to queries and I know I can call or email with any questions. NOE CPC ICT frameworks are really useful for planned work and one of the first places we look to in order to fulfil our requirements."

Frances May, Senior Procurement Manager for Non-Medical Divisions, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

​“NOE CPC’s IT frameworks were the ideal choice for us as they offered a compliant route for spot buying and further competitions. Suppliers on the framework have directed us to use the NOE CPC frameworks.​ The agreements are straightforward deliver what we need, and are convenient and easy to use.​

​"The technology market is moving so quickly and the IT Hardware (LINK2) and IT Enterprise frameworks enable us to purchase standard IT equipment as and when we need it, and having the additional support of the category team and being able to reach out to them for advice is a useful addition to the agreement.”​​

John Smith, Interim Contracts and Procurement Manager Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

"The Quick Quote Tool is a brilliant asset for procurement professionals, and I would highly recommend it to other NHS Trusts as an effective route to market for both large and small scale purchases.

"It is very easy to use, and saves me so much time in the sourcing process , especially with IT procurement where many vendors offer identical off-the-shelf products."

Duncan Lean, Buyer, University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust

"Our team have used the Quick Quote tool a few times now and is it very quick and easy to use. I was given two quotes by our IT department totalling £61,000. I put all the products into Quick Quote and got the exact same products for £52,000 by splitting the order between three suppliers. This was a quick and easy win for us."

Graham Caborn, Senior Procurement Partner, Derbyshire Support and Facilities Services Procurement Team. 

"I have been using the Quick Quote Tool for a couple of months now and I think it is absolutely brilliant. It’s easy to use, very intuitive and it requires literally 5 minutes to upload your request. The system notifies all the relevant suppliers for the lot you choose so they can send you quotes to the e-mail you provided. When I approached this tool I was looking for a way help my end users to make an educated choice and shatter their conviction that “we can get this product/service only from this supplier”. I would recommend it for sure."

Anna Falzarano, Buyer, Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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