Analysis and Reconciliation Services Linked

01/03/2020 - 28/02/2025

This is an NHS Procurement in Partnership (PiP) partner hub framework agreement delivered by East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub (EOECPH) and available to our member organisations via NOE CPC. This agreement is available to non-NOE CPC member organisations via EOECPH

For more information about NHS Procurement in Partnership (PiP) click here.

Following the expiration of the previous Analysis and Reconciliation framework, the East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub (the Hub) has launched an expanded replacement contract.

The main purpose of this framework is for the provision of retrospective analytical reviews and analysis of core spend and transactions, which can result in the discovery and recovery of overpayments.

The new framework has been refreshed and enhanced, with four new Lots added to the scope.

The Analysis and Reconciliation framework provides user organisations with a legally compliant route to market, along with the benefits of significantly reduced procurement timescales.

  • In the financial year 2019/20, organisations that accessed the framework recovered a total of £63 million
  • All suppliers operate on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis, so the contracting organisation only pays a pre-agreed percentage fee of the money recovered
  • Contracting organisations can call-off directly with any of the suppliers appointed on the framework at pre-determined framework rates or run a further competition inviting all suppliers within the required lot
  • The framework is designed to be resource-light, requiring very little time and involvement from the contracting organisation
  • Suppliers take full responsibility for recovering any overpayments
  • Organisations that have undertaken reviews in the past may undertake future reviews to maximise potential opportunities
  • Services may be undertaken remotely, so suppliers can begin audits without physical access to trust premises
  • The framework is fully compliant with EU procurement regulations, with consistent terms and conditions.
  • Lot 1 - Telecoms 
  • Lot 2 - Energy
  • Lot 3 - Water
  • Lot 4 - VAT
  • Lot 5 - Estates
  • Lot 6 -  Accounts payable
  • Lot 7 - Temporary staffing
  • Lot 8 - Payroll
  • Lot 9 - Contract Compliance
  • Lot 10 - Software licence renews
  • Lot 11 - Managed spend reduction and recovery solutions 
  • ADSM
  • Aquaclear
  • Audit Partnership Ltd
  • Axiom Utilities
  • Berthold Bauer
  • Business Cost Consultants T/A Boxfish
  • CRS VAT Consulting Ltd
  • GVA
  • Liaison Financial Services 
  • M&C Energy Group
  • Meridian Cost Benefit Ltd
  • Professional Cost Management Group Ltd
  • RSM Risk Assurance LLP. 

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