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16/11/2020 - 15/11/2022 (option to extend 2x12 months)

This free to access agreement offers multidisciplinary ICT solutions relevant to the NHS and public sector bodies.

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Find out about Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust's successful EPR award through this framework here.

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This framework has been developed after extensive research into the NHS spend for ICT consultancy services and market research into suppliers providing these services. 

A wide range of services are covered within this multi-lot agreement alongside a multidisciplinary lot. It offers access to a range of quality consultancy providers with health industry experience. 

The framework has been developed with a view to addressing any future technology needs and to meet ad-hoc ICT consultancy requirements.

  • A compliant and easy to use route to market for competent and experienced ICT consultancy suppliers
  • Use of NHS call-off terms ensure a consistent and standard approach to contracting with suppliers, with local additions incorporated via the order form appendix
  • Awarded suppliers have proven expertise in providing consultancy service to NHS and Health Sector organisations
  • Allows for the commissioning of a specific role or output without the need to recruit internal resources
  • Fixed pricing provides certainty in costs when contracting with a supplier under the framework
  • 15 of the 21 suppliers awarded onto the framework are SME’s.

Lot 1: Clinical Information Systems

Lot 2: Non-clinical Information Systems

Lot 3: Infrastructure

Lot 4: Digital and Innovation

Lot 5: Auxiliary ICT Consultancy Services

Lot 6: Multidisciplinary ICT Healthcare Consultancy and Advisory Services

  • Answer Digital Ltd
  • Apira Ltd
  • Atos IT Services UK Ltd
  • AWTG Ltd
  • Boxxe Ltd (formerly Software Box Ltd)
  • Deloitte LLP
  • EHJ & SJ Consultancy Ltd 
  • Faculty of Clinical Informatics
  • Fordway Solutions Ltd
  • Health Systems Support Ltd 
  • Ideal Health Consultants Ltd
  • Nautilus Consulting Ltd
  • Netcompany UK Ltd 
  • NHS North of England Commissioning Support Unit
  • NHS Shared Business Services
  • Phoenix Software Ltd
  • QI Consulting Ltd
  • RedCortex Ltd
  • Risual Ltd
  • Solidsoft Reply
  • SynApps Solutions

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