NHS Workforce Alliance - Our Vision and Values

  • 10/10/2022
  • Written by NOE CPC

As part of our focus on the fantastic people at the heart of NOE CPC and its partners, we are taking a look at the work of NHS Workforce Alliance, which supports NHS trusts up and down the country with staffing solutions.

Our team of workforce experts have been working with colleagues at NHS Procurement in Partnership (NHS PiP) and Crown Commercial Service (CCS) since 2019, when we came together to form NHS Workforce Alliance.

The Alliance, which is the biggest public procurement partnership in the UK, brings together a wealth of trusted procurement and commercial expertise to provide staffing frameworks and industry expertise to the NHS.

Finding the right people couldn’t be more important for the health service. We are motivated to always find the very best solutions for all NHS organisations, because when we get it right for the customer, it benefits the NHS as a whole.

Helping customers achieve savings is an important part of what we do, because all the savings we help you make are invested straight back into the NHS. As an NHS organisation ourselves, our motivation is to demand the very best value for the public purse – putting patient care before profit at every turn.

It’s not just financial value that’s important to us – achieving social value is a central part to our strategy. We offer access to a diverse pool of suppliers from nationally recognised providers to smaller regional and niche suppliers. Value for money is paramount, but we also want to support local economies, the health and wellbeing of communities, as well as create more opportunities for SMEs and social enterprises.

Our expertise and influence can help shape the NHS for the better. Our collaborative relationships with the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), NHS England, NHS Employers, Health Education England and other government bodies means we can help influence policy and implementation for the benefit of the NHS, and ultimately the patients we serve.

The Alliance continues to evolve its model of collaborative working across our partner organisations. Earlier this year, we launched our first combined set of corporate values, all of which are driven by our commitment to provide outstanding service and commercial value to the NHS.

We chose five key values to guide everything we do:

We care: we want the best for all patients and practitioners in the NHS.

We deliver: we produce effective solutions across all aspects of workforce and work with you to get the best from them.

We have integrity: as a 100% public sector organisation, the NHS Workforce Alliance is 100% committed to equity and honest dealing with all stakeholders, building trust and improving outcomes.

We are creative: the NHS landscape is changing and we continue to evolve our portfolio to meet its needs both for today and tomorrow. Our recent solutions for Insourcing and Workforce Improvement Services reflect our passion for innovation and for finding new solutions.

We are united: we are building our common identity across our partners but most of all we are proud to be part of the NHS and to be working with you to provide the best services we can for everyone who relies on the NHS.

Through these values, our people will continue to deliver across the Alliance and support workforces across the country, because we believe that #PeopleMatter.

If you would like to find out more about NHS Workforce Alliance and our frameworks, please contact our Support Desk.

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