How we are always improving our services to support our customers

  • 06/01/2023
  • Written by NOE CPC

At NOE CPC we have various ways to support your procurement needs so that you get the best service every time, ranging from a dedicated support desk to our digital toolkit.

Here is a brief overview of the support available to you.

Support Desk

The Support Desk is an integral part of our customer interactions. We launched a dedicated Support Desk in January 2019 and since then we have significantly improved our customer response times as well as the quality of our responses. The function utilises a ticketing system that efficiently and appropriately directs queries and streamlines processes, such as framework access requests. We have assigned more dedicated support to the initial triage of cases and this has had a significant impact on improving our service.

We now respond to 97% of customer enquiries within our three-day target, with the average response time falling from almost 5 days to 0.6 days within less than a year.

Email to get in touch with our Support Desk.

Online Access

NOE CPC’s website is where you can access many of our procurement features and find out more information about our framework categories. We have recently invested more resources into developing our website so customers can quickly and easily navigate to what they are looking for.

The way customers can access frameworks has evolved over recent years. This has involved restructuring the way you can access information through our website. It is now easier than ever to search for frameworks and access them by using the search function on the NOE CPC website, or by filtering through our four main categories:

FM, Property and Business Services

Technology (ICT)

HR & People

Healthcare Services and Pharmacy (non-drug).

For further guidance, watch our How to Access NOE CPC Framework Agreements video here.

Digital Toolkit

We have a range of digital tools on our website which make it easier and quicker for you to get all the information you need for your procurement.

Our innovative Quick Quote Tool allows you to seamlessly send details of your specific requirements to awarded suppliers in the Lots you choose so they can contact you directly with a quote that meets your needs. The tool is easy to use, hassle-free, and can save you time in the sourcing process.

You can utilise the Quick Quote Tool on our IT Hardware and Services (LINK3) and Total Technology Solutions frameworks. To find out more about the tool, click here.

Our file sharing area of the website enables you to access framework documentation quickly and easily, allowing for a faster turnaround on gathering the information needed to decide if the framework is suitable for your needs.

The benchmarking tool identifies instant savings across multiple frameworks through an easy to use interface.

Our Minor Works Trades and Associated Services DPS has a built-in online provider search tool, helping you identify the suppliers who can meet your needs.

Our technical services team is also developing a Request for Quote (RFQ) tool system for NHS Supply Chain: Hotel Services.

In-person guidance

Once you have contacted our Support Desk, or completed an Access Agreement to use one of our frameworks, a member of our team will be in touch with you to provide support. Our team of experts will provide in-person advice to support your procurement exercise so that it is fully compliant, efficient and helps to keep your costs down, all while keeping your spend within the NHS. Our experts will remain on hand throughout the life of any agreement you access should you require any further support.

We can also offer more tailored category support, focusing our expertise for your specialist procurement exercises. Our award-winning, tailored support offers the depth of knowledge and insight to understand and manage the market, working with your team to deliver the best solution.

We have supported our customers with a variety of complex, large-scale procurement projects, for example, Enteral Nutrition is notorious for being challenging and the NHS has struggled to make robust and compliant awards within this market. The extensive work of our expert team in this field means we now have an established track record in delivering this service to the highest standard to benefit many trusts around the country.

The structure of support we provide can help you manage the pressures on your team. From the support desk and our digital toolkit to our specialist category knowledge, we can provide the additional resource, tools and insight to help you and your team deliver your objectives.

For more information on tailored support, and any of the services we offer, please contact our Support Desk.

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