Statutory Audit and Multi Specialty Services and Advisory Consultancy Services Linked

29/01/2024 - 28/01/2026

(Extension 2 x 12 months optional)

This is an NHS Procurement in Partnership (PiP) partner hub framework agreement delivered by the East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub (EOE CPH) and available to our member organisations via NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative (NOE CPC). 

If you wish to access this framework agreement, please complete the EOE CPH Customer Access Agreement (CAA) form located in the fileshare area, and return completed forms to

Please note, you will need to have a registered NOE CPC user account and be logged in to be able to access the fileshare area.

The Statutory Audit and Multi-Specialty Audit and Advisory Consultancy Services framework, retendered by the East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub, offers member trusts, the wider NHS and other publicly funded bodies, access to audit services that conform to current and future legislation and audit best practice.

In response to marketplace feedback, a new lot has been added to the agreement - Lot 4 Assurance Reviews. Services via this lot examine the accuracy of financial reports and how they are produced, providing assurance there are no instances of misrepresentation in financial records, misuse of funds or fraudulent activity.

  • Ceiling rates are in place which can be reduced further via a competition.
  • Suppliers are compliant with the relevant boards and codes of practice. The framework has been procured and set up in line with PCR 15 legislation, and EOECPH as a host, is CCIAF accredited. This assurance removes the need to run a full tender, significantly reducing procurement timescales, giving contracting authorities access to cost-effective and quality assured suppliers.
  • Suppliers listed on the framework were assessed during the procurement process on their track record, experience and technical and professional ability and all demonstrated audit experience of publicly funded entities before being awarded a place on the framework.
  • A skills and specialism matrix, together with the location and entity matrix to help contracting authorities direct award. 
  • NHS trusts may benefit from free training and advice as well as locally tailored services.
  • Members may pick from an extensive list of suppliers and, if desired, use a mini-competition to determine which one best meets their needs and specifications.

Lot 1 – Statutory audit/external audit

Lot 2 – Counter fraud services

Lot 3 – Internal audit

Lot 4 – Assurance reviews

Lot 5 – Digital and IM&T audit

Lot 6 – Security management

Lot 7 – Multi audit service provision (Combined service provision for Lots 2-6)

360 Assurance 
Audit Yorkshire 
Bishop Fleming LLP 
Deloitte LLP * 
Ernst & Young LLP * 
Grant Thornton UK LLP 
Lovran Security, Intelligence and Risk Ltd a
Mazars LLP 
RSM UK Consulting LLP
SCC Chartered Accountants 

*Subject to receiving their signed framework agreement.

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