Workforce Alliance panel at HCSA Winter Conference

  • 05/12/2019
  • Written by Bianca Small

Managing Directors from NHS Procurement in Partnership and Crown Commercial Service (CCS) outlined their future vision for the partnership, and what benefits are available to customers in a panel discussion at the 2019 HCSA Winter Conference in Harrogate.

Attendees at the panel had the opportunity to ask questions about a variety of topics from the future role of robotics in workforce, to the benefits of working with the Alliance for public sector procurement professionals. Chaired by NHSI South’s Regional Head of Procurement Mark Gronow, the panel answered questions about what lessons have been learnt, how the Alliance will achieve their goals and how their work is benefitting NHS trusts and public sector bodies.

Crown Commercial Service and NHS Procurement in Partnership are working together to deliver health workforce services under the banner of the Workforce Alliance. The collaboration is to ensure customers have easy and quick access to a sustainable workforce and is part of a long-term plan to deliver a whole portfolio of health workforce services.

The collaborative effort has already delivered a number of frameworks, most recently this week with the offering a portfolio of four frameworks under one umbrella, Workforce Support.

Alyson Brett, Managing Director at NHS Commercial Solutions said: “We are committed to developing the whole portfolio of health workforce services, and Workforce Alliance are the embodiment of how important partnerships are, and our committed approach to working together and sharing our many years of experience has already helped us to deliver frameworks in key areas including international recruitment, staff bank and temporary staffing.”

Michael Pace, Managing Director at NHS London Procurement Partnership said the Alliance was about more than just frameworks.

He said: “We want to give our customers that tailored support to deliver and drive solutions and we are working really hard to come together and have frameworks that show we have the NHS at the heart of what we are trying to do.”

Asked about what lessons have been learnt along the way, Managing Director of NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative Keith Rowley said: “We have learnt a lot but equally we know there is a lot more for us as a collaborative to learn as we evolve.

“The breadth of skills and experience, not just among the Managing Directors, but among our teams as well across the five partners means that we can offer that expertise on a local level. As an Alliance we want to use the expertise and relationships we have to influence those decision makers to create benefits on a local and national scale.”

Helen MacCarthy, Health and Education Category Director for Crown Commercial Service by working with the Workforce Alliance, customers can access a depth and breadth of expertise, resource and geographical reach.

She added: “There is a lot of passion within these teams, we are surrounded and supported by people who give up their time to make a difference. By coming together and ensuring we deliver quick and easy access to tools and support to ensure our customers have what they need to create a sustainable workforce, we can influence the market and ensure our customers and suppliers have confidence in the service we deliver.

“As one of our customers recently said: “We are always there with our expert procurement knowledge to support them with any workforce issues they may encounter.”

Howard Rolfe, Managing Director of the East of England Collaborative Procurement Hub said he felt that the offering from Workforce Alliance was truly responsive to customer need.

He added: “All our business models are customer focused, we are committed to providing a personalised service. Only through our collaborative approach and building strategic partnerships can we properly understand the requirements of the market and tailor solutions to address customer needs.”

 For more information about the Workforce Alliance click here.

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