Training and Events 2020/21: A Reflection

  • 13/04/2021
  • Written by Caroline Brash

The year 2020/ 2021 was unprecedented for all of us. At the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated changes in the working lives of everyone, not least the members of NOE CPC, it felt as though NOE CPC’s Training and Events programme would inevitably fall victim and cease to function, at least temporarily. However, after a shaky start nothing could be further from the truth.

Since March 2020 NOE CPC has delivered 27 training sessions/ events, all via Microsoft Teams. This figure includes 6 Legal Seminars; 2 Members’ Forums; 2 Procurement Leaders Round Tables; as well as sessions around more specific topics such as Community and Mental Health Forum; a Knowledge Exchange Session around Sustainable and Ethical Procurement; training in the use of Microsoft Teams; Category and Framework specific events; and our own “Introduction to NHS Procurement” for those people new to the role or simply wanting a refresher.

Whilst we recognise that delivery via Teams has some disadvantages in terms of engagement with delegates and personal feedback etc, it has some significant advantages too, certainly in terms of delegate numbers as more geographically diverse delegates have been able to attend. For the foreseeable future we envisage all our events will be delivered remotely via Teams, but we are hoping in the long term to be able to offer some events in a “hybrid” format, allowing members to attend either in person or remotely.

Do keep an eye on our website for future events. We are currently working with the suppliers on our new Legal Services framework agreement which went live on 1st April to develop our programme of legal seminars. However, if you have any suggestions for training and events you’d like to see, please email

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