#DataMatters blog: The Importance of Data at NOE CPC

  • 13/03/2024
  • Written by Adam Taylor

This month we’re looking at #DataMatters. To discuss this topic further, Adam Taylor, Technical Programme Manager, looks at the importance of using data and how he and his team uses it to full effect.

Data is everywhere, and here at NOE CPC our application of data is extremely valuable. The team I lead uses data to support our colleagues to make informed decisions, drive innovation, and communicate effectively. We turn data into knowledge by carefully acquiring, organising and ensuring the quality of data from many sources. It has become key to our successes and the many services we now provide you with.

The datasets we work with come from our own Management Information (MI) Online and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems; Accounts Payable (AP) and Purchase Order (PO) datasets from trusts and spend comparison services; and the Atamis Health Family e-Procurement system. We use elements of all these datasets when we are building reports and dashboards for our colleagues and customers, and we try to implement the following principles: we analyse the datasets and utilise a range of visualisations with different scenarios and recommendations to highlight key talking points; and we implement feedback loops to improve users’ understanding and usability.

A good example of how we have applied the above principles would be for our MI Online data. The data gives us insights into activity going through our frameworks, both volume and type, along with informing our Activity Based Income (ABI) calculations. The data also supports us with Supplier Relationship Management, Contract Management and the rebate we give to our members.

We designed and implemented a user-friendly web front-end and Structured Query Language (SQL) architecture back-end to enable suppliers to submit their MI Online data. The back-end of the website was fully integrated with our Customer Relationship Management system which ensured its timeliness, validity and enrichment. Customers can access visualisations and outputs from this website. We wouldn’t be able to provide the service we do without this core piece of infrastructure and the associated systems.

One of the many tasks my team has is to verify and cleanse the data that we work with. Working with high-quality data is fundamental to us, because data analyses and visualisations are only as good as the information you have been given to work with.

We continue to take data from across the NHS procurement industry and use it to help us make decisions, observe patterns and trends that can guide our actions and policies; to innovate by inspiring new products or services; and to communicate by sharing stories and messages in a compelling way.

To find out more about our data offering, or any of our products and services, please contact our Support Desk.

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