Sustainable Procurement Charter

  • 11/01/2023
  • Written by NHS Supply Chain: Hotel Services

Our commitment to sustainable procurement

“Sustainability is a business requirement for the here and now. It is no longer optional or something to consider for the future. As an ethical and socially responsible organisation, we must demonstrate our commitment through action; to positively impact the world in which we live. We must do this within our own organisation and throughout our supply chain”. Kevin Chidlow, Category Tower Director, NHS Supply Chain: Hotel Services.

NHS Supply Chain: Hotel Services pledges to lead by example, with all of our team committing to embed sustainable and ethical procurement practices into every aspect of our activity.

By working together with our partnering suppliers we will ensure our approach to sustainability will lead to better care, better people and a better planet.

The purpose of this charter is to set out our aims, objectives and behavioural changes, reflecting globally increased awareness of sustainability and the potential innovations and new thinking it provides.

We expect all NHS Supply Chain: Hotel Services suppliers to match our commitment and embrace the following initiatives:

  • Proactively address climate change and take effective actions to minimise greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy consumption
  • Promote increased use of the circular economy to reduce waste and maximise the efficient use of resources
  • Take active steps to reduce single-use plastics throughout healthcare settings
  • Improve and enhance working practices and standards throughout the supply chain
  • A commitment to look after our people and our communities.

For more infromation about the commitments set out by our NHS Supply Chain: Hotel Services team and to read the full Sustainable Procurement Chart download the document linked below:


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