NOE CPC: Legal Events and Training

  • 07/03/2023
  • Written by NOE CPC

For many years NOE CPC has delivered training and events to its members as part of their membership fees. These include Members’ Forums, Round Tables, category-specific events, and Legal Seminars, the latter of which are delivered in conjunction with suppliers that appear on our Legal Services framework agreements.

Our events have always generated extremely positive feedback through the annual Customer Satisfaction Surveys completed by NOE CPC members and have been cited as a real value-added benefit. In 2022, more than 95% of respondents said they considered these events to be extremely valuable. 

We believe that the legal seminars are particularly valuable to our members. Members have advised us in the past that training budgets within trusts can sometimes be difficult to access for procurement teams and being able to attend regular legal seminars provided by NOE CPC, free of charge for members, is of great benefit. It’s important to us as an organisation that our members can access this training and understand the latest legal updates and case law, so they can continue to offer absolute integrity as a procurement community.

Andrew Daly, Partner and Head of Procurement at Hempsons LLP, is a regular contributor to our legal seminars. He said: “Hempsons LLP really appreciates the opportunity to provide regular procurement law training sessions and updates to NOE CPC members. It is an ever-evolving area, that is critical to achieving the most economically advantageous outcome for the contracting authority, taxpayers, and patients, and avoiding the risks of challenge. From new case law to new legislation and guidance, we enjoy providing update sessions to keep teams updated on running defensible processes and defending challenges, as well as when trusts, etc. are bidding for services.  The new Procurement Bill and changes to healthcare procurement are areas that we look forward to covering in future sessions.”

Mary Mundy, Partner at Capsticks LLP, who also deliver seminars for NOE CPC, said: “We enjoy creating and delivering training sessions covering potential legislation changes, recent case law and policies and how that will impact the procurement processes run by NOE CPC’s customers. Just one case could change the way parts of a procurement process should be carried out or how a procurement document is worded and so it is vital that NOE CPC’s customers keep on top of the most up-to-date position.

“One of our values as a firm is People First, and we make sure it’s the cornerstone of everything we do. We aim to empower procurement teams so they feel confident about how any changes could impact their work – we don’t just regurgitate what the law says, we explain it in context, using our experience of supporting clients with procurement processes and challenges.

If you are interested in learning more about the legal events and training, we can offer, please click here to access the events and training page on our website. Alternatively, click here to get in touch with the NOE CPC Support Desk team who will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

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