NOE CPC Festive Thanks 2022

  • 16/12/2022
  • Written by NOE CPC

The festive season will soon be upon us, and while it has been another busy year in NHS procurement, both in logistics and on the front line, we hope you will have a chance for rest and relaxation over the Christmas break.

This time of year is a time to celebrate by coming together, and so at NOE CPC we thought it appropriate to recognise the areas where we collaborate as an organisation and how it benefits you.

Collaboration is something which is at the heart of NOE CPC. We are a collaborative – it’s in the name of our organisation – and we are always finding the best ways to collaborate with our customers and partner organisations.

At NOE CPC we have put together this short festive video to thank all of our customers, suppliers and partner organisations for their continued support.

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