An overview of our Specialist Estates Engineering & Maintenance Services (Hard FM) framework

  • 05/04/2024
  • Written by NOE CPC

NOE CPC is currently in the process of establishing a framework agreement for a new iteration of our Hard FM framework: Specialist Estates Engineering & Maintenance Services (Hard FM). The services covered under this framework will include:

Lot 1 – Air Conditioning, Air Handling Units and Refrigeration

Lot 2 – Asbestos Removal

Lot 3 – Automatic Doors, Barriers, and Roller Shutters

Lot 4 – Electrical works

Lot 5 – Fire alarm, emergency lighting and firefighting equipment

Lot 6 – Fire Risk Assessments

Lot 7 – Fire Stopping, Compartmentation and Associated Works

Lot 8 – Heating and plumbing systems

Lot 9 – Lifts, hoists, and escalators

Lot 10 – Lightning and fall protection systems

Lot 11 – Medical gas systems

Lot 12 – Security systems

Lot 13 – Standby power systems

Lot 14 – Water system maintenance and risk management

Lot 15 – Renewable & Low Carbon Heating Systems

Lot 16 – Solar PV

Lot 17 – General Building, Improvements, Installations, Repairs & Maintenance

Lot 18 – High Secure (Forensic) FM Services

Lot 19 – Managed FM Service

This framework will complement the suite of FM, Property and Business Services frameworks, which will benefit our Member Trusts and the wider public sector to find a compliant route to market for their Capital, Estates Engineering & Maintenance requirements. This iteration of the Hard FM framework has incorporated additional Lots such as; Renewable & Low Carbon Heating Systems, Solar PV, General Building and High Secure (Forensic) FM Services, with flexible contracting options following feedback from our members. The Framework will have options for both Direct Award and Further Competition. NOE CPC has ensured that this framework is SME friendly to attract a wider and diversified supplier base. We have also built in requirements to capture information in line with Social Value commitments and contract management measures to encourage and assist smaller suppliers with the journey to Net Zero.

This framework is due to be launched in July 2024. If you require notification as to when this framework is launched, please click here to complete our contact form so we can add you to our mailing list. 

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