#EstatesMatter: Expanding Paper Hygiene Options for NHS Trusts

  • 08/04/2024
  • Written by NOE CPC

Our theme this month is focusing on #EstatesMatter, and while many of us think of estates in terms of building maintenance, security and minor works, there are many more elements including the daily products needed to keep NHS trusts running safely and efficiently. One such area is paper hygiene, which is a contract under NHS Supply Chain: Facilities and Office Solution’s management.

Today sees the launch of the Paper Hygiene Framework Agreement, which our NHS Supply Chain: Facilities and Office Solutions team have recently carried out the retender for. This framework provides NHS trusts access to suppliers offering a whole range of paper hygiene products such as paper hand towels, couch roll, and toilet tissue.

In this latest iteration of the framework agreement, the tender exercise has successfully introduced 11 additional suppliers. This increase will significantly diversify the options available for NHS trusts and introduces an increased number of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) as well as seeing the offering direct and compliant access to market leading product manufacturers.

It was identified early in the scoping process that the goal for this retender was to enhance competition and to provide trusts with a broader selection of products and suppliers through which to procure them. Ensuring they have access to the best possible solutions in a market facing the challenges of raw material costs, inflation, and rising logistics and utilities expenses.

Understanding the complexities of navigating these changes, our Implementation and Adoption Team is geared up to offer trusts support. With a wealth of experience in product assessment our team is on hand to assist trusts in identifying the most suitable product alternatives. Trusts are encouraged to utilise their expertise to find optimal switching opportunities that align with their specific requirements.

For those already purchasing through the previous framework, detailed cost analyses have been distributed, offering insights into the impact of these updates. For further details or to discuss these analyses, trusts are encouraged to contact their NHS Supply Chain ICS Manager directly.

During the tender process for this latest framework, we placed an emphasis on social value themes of targeting economic inequalities, climate change mitigation, and equal opportunities. Suppliers were required to demonstrate their commitment to these areas, and all participating suppliers have submitted Carbon Reduction Plans, highlighting our collective focus on sustainability.

In addition, the framework also includes suppliers offering products that are manufactured, or produce using raw materials that are sourced within the UK. This feature is particularly beneficial for trusts with specific preferences or requirements for locally sourced products. The NHS Supply Chain: Facilities and Office Solutions helpdesk is ready to provide information on these options, and our Implementation and Adoption Team can assist in identifying the most appropriate solutions.

To explore the full list of suppliers and product range visit the Contract Information Page. Alternatively if you would like to discuss your product switching opportunities or to request more information, please contact our helpdesk at

For further information about other contracts our team manage in partnership with NHS Supply Chain visit our facilities or office solutions category page on the NHS Supply Chain website.

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