Demonstrating our commitment to quality with our ISO and CCIAF standards

  • 11/07/2023
  • Written by NOE CPC

We are proud to have achieved three industry standard accreditations, giving further confidence to NOE CPC customers of our ability to be a high quality and efficient framework provider.

NOE CPC has achieved ISO9001, a quality management system standard, and ISO27001, an information security management standard, validating our organisation and reinforcing our commitment to quality.

In achieving ISO9001, we have demonstrated that we have a robust Quality Management System (QMS) in place, promoting efficiency and reducing waste. The standard helps to identify inefficiencies and encourages continual improvement, leading to reduced waste and cost savings.

Our ISO27001 accreditation demonstrates our commitment to protecting sensitive data. This standard shows we are guarded against the ever-present threat of data breaches and shows we have an excellent framework in place to safeguard information, meaning you can trust us to keep your details secure.

We have also received accreditation by the Commercial Continuous Improvement Assessment Framework (CCIAF), demonstrating our commitment to improving delivery of the best possible service to our members.

The CCIAF is designed to help drive continuous improvement in commercial practices across the Government Commercial Function (GCF) and wider public sector by enabling organisations to benchmark their commercial operations against good practice. Participating organisations form part of a network to share commercial insights, common challenges and lessons learned.

NOE CPC has been accredited with a rating of Better and a score of 78%.

We felt it was important to invest our time and resources into achieving these standards as they will help to give you, our customers, even more confidence that we are a trusted provider of procurement services and that we act in accordance with our three key values of Integrity, Simplicity and Caring.

The ISO accreditations are recognised around the world, meaning that not only our customers, but also our suppliers, here and overseas, will be assured that we have met the highest standards in quality management and cyber security.

Work will continue to ensure we retain these accreditations, which means we will be constantly evaluating and improving our processes to stay aligned with industry best practices.

Ian Andrews, Technical Director at NOE CPC, said: “These standards provide a blueprint for operational efficiency and information security, and we felt it was of utmost importance for us to achieve them to provide our customers with the confidence that NOE CPC operates in line with the highest of industry standards.

“ISO accreditations can act as valuable compasses guiding towards continual improvement and sustainable success and so we will endeavour to retain these standards in the coming months and years.”

You can find out more about our accreditations by visiting our Accreditations page.

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