Atamis system update

  • 03/08/2022
  • Written by NOE CPC

Atamis system now available ‘FOC’ for all NHS organisations

The Atamis e-commerce system is now available for all health family organisations, following funding from Crown Commercial Service working in partnership with the Department for Health and Social Care.

NHS England Chief Commercial Officer Jacqui Rock has written to all heads of procurement encouraging all trusts and ICBs to adopt the service. Atamis is a single e-commercial system to enable NHS organisations to replace the large variation in sourcing and contract management systems across the health family with one platform.

The system brings the commercial activities of the health service together in one place, including business case generation and sign off, tendering, evaluation, digital contract awards and performance management, supplier management, and P2P interface.

Stephen Sercombe, Procurement Director at NOE CPC said: “Using data and technology in a greater capacity to increase the effectiveness and resilience of NHS procurement is one of the best tools we have at our disposal.

“A single system like Atamis gives the ability to take a standardised approach and manage market risk and opportunities at an ICS, regional and national level. The system also supports suppliers to view and respond to business opportunities across the health service via a single point, reducing duplication of effort.”

For more information on Atamis rollout and adoption, please click on the Future NHS portal.

Latest NOE CPC Atamis Health Family Forum, held 20th July.

NOE CPC held our third Atamis Health Family forum on Wednesday 20th July to support and facilitate a discussion around sharing best practices and useful guidance concerning onboarding, and to explore opportunities for gathering hints and tips, to create a knowledge sharing environment. Steve Balding, Commercial Systems and Data Strategy Programme Director at the Department of Health and Social Care spoke to attendees about the recent announcement of funding becoming available, and the progress being made on organisations on adopting greater usage of the Atamis system as they grow more confident. NOE CPC members Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust and Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust also shared their experience of working with Atamis.

For more information about the adoption of Atamis, please visit our website, or contact our Support Desk.

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