DAC Beachcroft Legal Seminar: Collaboration Arrangements and Running Joint Procurements




10:00am - 12:00pm


Online via Microsoft Teams.

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Point of Contact

Caroline Brash

DAC Beachcroft will deliver a session looking at the issues for Trusts to consider when jointly procuring goods and services (with a focus on large ICS-wide solutions such as EPR systems). The team will look at how joint procurements should be structured under the Procurement Act and the roles and liabilities of each contracting authority. They will also explain the different ways that the supplier contract can be held by each contracting authority as well as the collaboration agreement which will sit behind it. 

The session will be led by Sarah Foster, a Legal Director experienced in managing large-scale procurements in the NHS and advising on complex contracting arrangements, and Emily Tracey, a Solicitor who regularly works on a wide range of public sector procurements.

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