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In consideration of NOE CPC granting approval to access the Framework Agreement information, the Organisation AGREES to comply with the following:

  1. Certify that all information provided by NOE CPC in relation to the Framework Agreement, in any form, will be kept strictly confidential and not be made available to any external entity other than our own, without prior permission of NOE CPC. (Please note, this obligation shall not apply to the provision of information by public sector organisations in order to comply with government guidelines and/or legislation regarding transparency and expenditure of public money); please click here to view our Privacy Notice to understand how we will manage your data.
  2. All information provided remains the property of NOE CPC. Any information provided by NOE CPC to the Organisation is provided on the basis that it is strictly for its own internal use only. Use of this information to provide a service to others or for its own commercial gain is strictly prohibited.
  3. Accept all responsibility for both accessing and using the Framework Agreement in accordance with its associated terms and conditions of contract. This includes acting in accordance with any guidance and instruction as set out in the relevant user guide (or similar supporting documentation) and in accordance with the Public Contracts Regulations and any subsequent amendment of re-enactment of.
  4. By agreeing to the above, the Organisation accepts that NOE CPC have no responsibility, or liability, on behalf of the Organisation relating to use of this Framework Agreement.