Capsticks Legal Seminar: Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity in Procurement




10:00am - 11:00am


Online via Microsoft Teams.

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Point of Contact

Caroline Brash

In order to drive the equality, diversity and inclusivity (EDI) agenda forward, it is vital that organisations across the public and private sector ensure that Social Value is at the heart of strategy and decision making processes.  The NHS has also committed to evaluating Social Value within procurement processes.

Whilst many organisations focus on EDI in the context of service users and workforce, the role of procurement in tackling Social Value issues should be fully explored with a view to ensuring that suppliers are clear about the standards which are expected of them to help organisations meet their EDI targets. 

Mary Mundy (Partner) and Nicola Green (Legal Director) of Capsticks will discuss how EDI can be embraced and promoted through public procurement.  They will address the legal and policy basis for EDI in public procurement and examples of how Social Value might be evaluated within a public procurement process.

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