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Consultancy Services (Estates)

This framework agreement offers compliant access to a range of quality Estates Consultancy providers with health economy experience.

A wide range of services are covered within the Lots, alongside a Multi-Disciplinary Lot (Lot 13) which offers something of a “one-stop” approach where the requirements cannot be readily accommodated within one of the specialist Lots (Lots 1-12) or where the requirement covers one or more specialisms.


The benefits of using this framework as within your trust are as follows:

  • Single framework covering a wide portfolio of Estates Consultancy services;
  • Flexible framework for use by NHS and other public sector organisations – “spot-buying” as well as longer term strategic purchases;
  • Provides a compliant route to market to access capable suppliers in the market;
  • Shorten the procurement timescales for the purchasing of products and services;
  • Reduce the procurement costs incurred across the NHS;
  • Establish framework capped prices, therefore facilitating commercial value;
  • Saving opportunities – depending on product specification and supplier choice;
  • Robust contractual protection;
  • Flexibility to direct purchase with no minimum volume or commitment period.


The framework is split across 13 Lots as follows:


Programme Management and Project Management for Property/Estates


Structural Engineering


Civil Engineering


Architectural Services


Health and Safety


Asbestos Consultancy, Survey and Testing


Building Related Services


Environmental and Energy Services


Renewable Energy Consultancy, Project Management

LOT 10

Quantity Surveying and Cost Advisory

LOT 11

PFI/PPP Specialist Consultancy

LOT 12

Estates Management Consultancy and Agency Services

LOT 13



The following suppliers have been appointed to this framework:

  • AA Projects Ltd
  • AECOM Limited
  • Armstrong York Asbestos Environmental Ltd
  • Building Design Partnership
  • Billinghurst George & Partners
  • Capita Property & Infrastructure GL Hearn
  • Community Ventures (Management) Ltd
  • Curtins Consulting Ltd
  • Desco (Design & Consultancy) Ltd
  • DKP Consulting Ltd
  • Edgeps Ltd
  • Faithful+Gould
  • Gilling Dod Ltd
  • Gleeds Cost Management Ltd
  • GVA Grimley Ltd
  • Healthy Building (Ireland) Ltd
  • Howarth Litchfield Partnership Ltd
  • IBI Group (UK) Ltd
  • Identity Consult Ltd
  • Interserve Consultation Ltd
  • JH Partners Consulting Engineers Ltd
  • Kier Workplace Services
  • Lucion Environmental
  • Mason Clark Associates Ltd
  • Medical Architecture
  • Ove Arup & Partners Ltd
  • Pennington Choices Ltd
  • Pozzoni Architecture Ltd
  • Race Cottam Associates Ltd
  • Rider Levett Bucknall UK Ltd
  • S.I.Sealy & Assciates Ltd
  • Santia Asbestos Management Ltd
  • Services Design Associates Ltd
  • SGS MIS Environmental Ltd
  • Sheppard Robson Architects Ltd
  • Steel River Consultants Ltd
  • T.A.D. Architects
  • Wardell Armstrong LLP
  • Watts Group Ltd
  • W.T. Partnership Ltd

Please note that not all suppliers have been awarded to all Lots.

Please refer to the NOE CPC Procurement Specialist for more information.

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Category Manager - Healthcare Services
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Consultancy Services (Estates)