Security Services for the Healthcare Sector

01/03/2019 - 28/02/2022 (option extend 1x12 months)

The Security Services for the Healthcare Sector framework is free to access and offers customers a variety of remote and managed security services, providing a comprehensive and compliant route for finding the right security provider to suit your needs.

If you would like guidance on how to access our frameworks please click here to view our video guide.

Security Services provides access to a range of Security Industry Authority (SIA) approved contractors supplying SIA licensed security personnel who can respond to the demands of providing security services in a healthcare setting. 

Two lots are offered as part of this framework: Lot 1 covers general security services including CCTV monitoring, alarm response, key holding and mobile patrols. Lot 2 encompasses a managed service option for trusts. 

  • No Access Fees – The framework is FREE to use for the Healthcare and the wider Public Sector.
  • Compliant Route - This framework has undergone an EU/UK compliant tendering process in compliance to PCR 2015, therefore removes the need for you to run a full EU/UK compliant tendering process and it reduces the timescales to put your provisions in place.
  • Pre-vetted suppliers with ongoing monitoring – Suppliers approved on the framework were assessed during the procurement process for their financial stability, track record, experience and technical & professional ability (SIA and ISO9001), before being awarded a place on the framework. As part of the framework extension, we have analysed the rates being paid to staff to ensure they are in line with Government Legislation. The Category Team continue to monitor and check the suppliers on the framework.
  • Options for Real Living Wage/London Living Wage – Contracting authorities have the option to consider these as part of their requirements.
  • Direct Award – Contracting Authorities have the ability to place a direct call off order with suppliers based on the framework Award Criteria and Price Schedule.
  • Further Competition – Contracting Authorities can undertake a further competition amongst the suppliers on the framework and can vary the weightings of the evaluation criteria to suit their requirements.
  • File Share Access – Contracting Authorities can access the NOECPC filesharing area of the website for supporting documentation such as further competition template, supplier biographies etc.
  • Pre-agreed conditions – The suppliers appointed on the framework have agreed to NHS Terms and Conditions.

The Security Services for the Healthcare Sector Framework is split into two lots:

Lot 1 – Security Services

Manned guarding, mobile patrols, key holding and alarm response, reception duties and CCTV monitoring services.

Lot 2 – Managed Security Services

Manned guarding, mobile patrols, key holding and alarm response, reception duties and CCTV monitoring services. Additional security services including bed watching, car park management and management of the full services through the provision of security management personnel.

  • APCOA Parking (UK) Ltd
  • Carlisle Security Services Limited
  • Croma Vigilant
  • Crown Security Solutions Ltd
  • G4S Secure Solutions (UK) Ltd
  • Keepsafe Security Services Ltd
  • MPD FM
  • Mitie Security Ltd
  • Nottingham Security Ltd
  • OCS Group UK Ltd
  • Profile Security Services Ltd
  • SSG Support Services Group Ltd

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