Clinical and Digital Information Systems (CDIS) Linked

08/12/2016 - 07/12/2021 

This is an NHS Procurement in Partnership (PiP) partner hub framework agreement delivered by NHS London Procurement Partnership (LPP) and available to our member organisations via NOE CPC. This agreement is available to non-NOE CPC member organisations via LPP.

For more information about NHS Procurement in Partnership (PiP) click here.

The Clinical and Digital Information Systems framework gives organisations access to a highly flexible suite of software applications which brings together key clinical and administrative data in one place. It combines the benefits of an EPR system with the integration and interoperable digital tools which will give care professionals and carers access to all the data, information and knowledge they need, where and when they need it.

This will be real-time digital information on an individual’s health and care, made available by 2020 to all NHS-funded services. It will also provide comprehensive data on the outcomes and value of services provided, which in turn will support improvement and sustainability.

The new framework is available not only to mental health NHS trusts but also acute NHS trusts, GPs, Clinical Commissioning Groups, social care bodies in Local Government, charitable organisations and private sector healthcare providers. 

  • Aggregation of spend and leverage of the Government's overall requirement to deliver better value for money
  • Improves on cashable savings for the public sector
  • Supports health and social care providers to meet national requirements and vision across multi-functional services, applications and solutions
  • Establishes strategic relationships with key suppliers to the public sector in order to take out excessive cost, improve performance and align suppliers with government and organisational priorities
  • The buying authority can eith call-off from the framework or re-open competition within it, removing the need for them to conduct full tender exercises or lengthy supplier evaluations each time they have a requirement. This saves time and cost associated with laborious procurement exercises and minimise duplication of time and effort for both buying authorities and suppliers
  • Leveraging of further volume advantage and economies of scale through the aggregation of multiple organisations to run joint mini-competitions
  • The established framework is fully compliant with the Public Contracts Regulations Act of 2015 thereby minimising any potential risk
  • Improved flexibility to determine the specific requirements at the contract award and call-off order stage
  • Allows public sector organisations to have more control of local requirements and increase service performance without interfering with the core IT and clinical requirements. 
  • Lot 1 – Electronic Patient Records

    Sub-lot 1.1 – Acute

    Sub-lot 1.2 – Mental Health

    Sub-lot 1.3 – Community

    Sub-lot 1.4 – Child Health

  • Lot 2 – Hosting

  • Lot 3 – Enabling Systems Supporting EPR & Digital 2020

    Sub-lot 3.1A – Multi-Function Devices, Printers, Maintenance and associated consumables, Print Audit, Communication products and services fully Managed Document Service (MFDS/COMMS/MPS) (buy or lease only)

    Sub-lot 3.1B – Multi-Function Devices, Printers, Maintenance and associated consumables, Print Audit, Communication products and services fully Managed Document Service (MFDS/COMMS/MPS) (managed print service)

    Sub-lot 3.2 – Hybrid Mail and related communication Services (HMS)

    Sub-lot 3.3 – External Print and related services (EPS)

    Sub-lot 3.4 – Document Management Services (DMS1 - Storage, DMS2 - Scanning, DMS3 - EDRMS and DMS4 – Managed Service)

    Sub-lot 3.5 – Interoperability and Interfacing

    Sub-lot 3.6 – Clinical and Patient Portals

    Sub-lot 3.7 – Informatics and Reporting

  • Lot 4 – Specialised Digital Solutions & Professional Services

    Sub-lot 4.1 – Mobile Working & Bring Your Own device (BYOD)

    Sub-lot 4.2 – Tele-Health

    Sub-lot 4.3 – Professional Services

    Sub-lot 4.4 – Medication Management Solutions

    Sub-lot 4.5 – Patient Support Solutions

    Sub-lot 4.6 – Patient Workflow & Tracking

    Sub-lot 4.7 – Innovation

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